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Router Troubleshooters

Router Troubleshooters
Following is a list of the best router configuration, troubleshooting, IP accounting, IP addresses tester, Pinger and simulator software.
RouterConsole V1.1.2
RouterConsole V1.1.2 gets the detail such as ARP table, Memory pool table, Cisco Running configuration, IP-Accounting data from Cisco Router, Routing table and Interface table and shows the detail in different graphs and interfaces. 
Router Tester 1.02
Router Testers is an application that is used to accurately identify the path of the HTML status page of the routers.
Cisco Pinger
This script is used to ping the list of the IP addresses and each router in the list will ping all the IP addresses in the list. After the test completes that how many unique pink combinations were sent and how many pings were failed. You can test any router to router connectivity in your network and identify the problematic router.

Router IP Console
Router IP Console is a SNMP tool that is designed for the management of the IP routers. It can work well with the Cisco Routers and raise an alert when a critical situation is occurred such as when a Router’s CPU is overloaded, interface or memory problems. It has user friendly interface and you can get the alerts by emails. Also have ping monitor and Cisco CPU/MEM indicator.
Cisco Command Sender
This tool is designed for sending the number of non-configuration commands to a set of routers. The number of routers can be from 1 to 100 or even more. Each command is entered is verified that the router did not report an error when using the command. If no error found then the log summary shows that the script has been run successfully. The configuration commands can also be sent by this utility “Global Router Configurator” as it has better error checking mechanism and also capable of clear log, clear counter write memory and configure replace.
Port Mapper 1.0
Port Mapper 1.0 is a freeware utility that manages the port forwarding table on your home router and it allows the home users to do port forwarding on your routers securely and automatically. It can also be used to show the applications to your friends over the internet.
AdventNet ManageEngine OpUtils 4
AdventNet ManageEngine OpUtils is a real time monitoring and troubleshooting tools for the poor network performance, heavy bandwidth utilization, connectivity problems, high CPU usage, delayed response time, device availability, software inventory and hardware utilization. AdventNet ManageEngine OpUtils has a collection of 45 monitoring and troubleshooting tools. OpUtils provides web based results for any network node.
IP Accounting v1.0
IP accounting software gets the IP accounting data from the Cisco Routers and switches. Using this software a number of bytes and packets can be seen that are switched through the Cisco IOS software on the basis of source and destination IP addresses. To maintain the accuracy of this software two databases are maintained one is active and other is checkedpoint.

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